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Five Most Unique Coffee Shops In the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex!

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I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do when I travel to a new city is search out all of the best coffee shops in the area. It just gets me so buzzed! (Pun Intended) Being that Dallas is my homeland and I’ve spent several years discovering all of the hot spots for coffee, I figured it’d be a great topic to share with all of you coffee lovers! But not just the best coffee shops in town…the most UNIQUE coffee shops. If you’re looking for that cool hip joint in town to bring all your friends to and brag that you were the first to find it, keep reading. I’ll be sharing what I believe are the 5 most unique coffee shops in Dallas!

1. Wild Detectives

Planted near the popular shopping strip in Bishop Arts, Wild Detectives is a neat little coffee house that is every bookworm’s dream. Doubling as a bookstore; you will see many people there reading instead of working on their computers. Wanna know another reason why people are not surfing the web at Wild Detectives? Because on the weekends, the coffeehouse shuts the wifi off! They do this purposely to create a space that allows people to detach from their devices and enjoy their company…and a good latte.

2. Society Coffee DFW (Dallas Fort Worth)

This coffee shop is breaking all of the rules that a craft coffee shop is known to follow. Society Coffee was birthed out of the idea that good coffee should be accessible to all people in all places. You’ll be shocked to find this rule-breaker nestled in an Exxon Mobil gas station off Main St in Euless. This is definitely not your regular “gas station coffee.” These guys are up there with the big dogs when it comes to their espresso. Not to mention (but I’m mentioning) that they also have nitro coffee on tap as well as kombucha tea! What?! Way to go, Society Coffee Co. Way to jump way out of that coffee box.

3. Serj

Another neat coffee shop, Serj, is right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of downtown Dallas. They sell a variety of foods and treats and they also have a small little book section where you’ll find several great reads. All of the tables at Serj have white pieces of paper clipped to them with colored pencils placed in the middle so that you can draw on your table while you sip your cappuccino. Another fun fact about Serj; They’ll always ask if you wanna hear the joke of the day and they’ve got some pretty funny ones up their sleeve. “A guy tried to convince me that apples were yellow…I said that’s bananas!”

4. RE:defined

If you’re ever in Grapevine, Re:defined is a must stop by! The first thing you’ll notice when you walk through the doors is their unique decor and warm ambience. Every season of the year, they re-decorate and spice things up. Currently, they have leaves and branches hanging from the ceilings to usher in the fall season. Another amazing fact about Redefined is that they home make all of their syrups. From pumpkin spice to vanilla bean, you’ll become addicted to the deliciousness of their flavored lattes.

5. Davis Street Coffee

The home of Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters… Davis Street Coffee knows how to do coffee. The baristas are knowledgable and friendly. The coffee shop is unique because unlike other coffee shops closing later at night, Davis closes at 5pm everyday. So be sure to to get your cold brew BEFORE you get off work. Another neat fact about Davis St Coffee is that they have a Coffee Goods store that they built next door where you can buy all kinds of coffee products, machines, and gadgets. So while you’re waiting on your coffee, go check out all the neat products next door that you didn’t even know existed!

So there’s your five most unique coffee shops in DFW! Whether you’re traveling to the area for a few days or DFW is your homeland, be sure to venture on out and try some new places! You’ll be surprised in finding that every coffee house is different and has it’s own unique flavor!

Finally! An Amazing Craft Coffee Shop in Mid-Cities, TX

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Who would have thought that the little old city of Euless, TX would have it’s own coffee shop? Mid-Cities needed this. It’s not just any coffee shop. But, a craft coffee shop nestled in an Exxon gas station. Society Coffee Co. brings a refreshing and unique spin on your expectation of what a craft coffee shop should look like. As well as, where it’s location should be.

For months, we created a curiosity over instagram by posting of a mysterious coffee shop coming to a common space near you. When we were newly opened, we became overjoyed with the positive responses. For the coffee connoisseurs, it was a bit of culture shock. With comments such as, “It’s definitely different than your average craft coffee shop, but the drinks are so delicious!”

Who ever said that you can’t have the best of both worlds?

In the same way some people enjoy living in the inner cities, others prefer the suburbs. Unfortunately, by living outside of where the hustle and bustle happens, its harder to find good restaurants and coffee shops other than Starbucks. Our coffee shop is bridging the gap between quality and convenience and has found a way to end that nonsense. While you’re on your way to work, you can stop by and get gas… AND a cup of delicious, freshly brewed coffee.

Need another reason to visit Society in Mid-Cities? Check this out…

Aside from our unique location, we are becoming a tourist attraction. Society has a gorgeously designed mural on the wall of the building that sits in the parking lot of the gas station. Every week, more and more coffee lovers have been posting their selfies and silly pictures on instagram next to our mural of a giant chemex pouring out coffee. We love seeing the creativity in all of the pictures that our customers post.

Society Coffee Co. is a place for you. It’s a community of people that appreciate quality, creativity, and convenience. A place for your mom. A place for your garbage man. It’s coffee for all people, in all spaces. Come experience something new and get yourself a delicious brew! (I just had to end this with a corny rhyme. ;))

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3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Society Coffee When In Euless

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A few months ago, Society Coffee was opened. We thought a lot about our love for craft coffee and realized that there was only a certain style of people that go to coffee shops. That’s where we realized that this needed to change. We wanted to break this culture that we have created of having a certain look to be able to “fit in” at a coffee shop. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a doctor, mom, teacher or construction worker, we want you to feel welcome and we want you to have the best coffee as well.

1. Local

Local coffee shops are better than any chain store. Buying cappuccinos, lattes and frappes locally supports your local community. Local coffee shops also spend more time selecting the best beans to roast. What does this mean? The coffee is stronger, better, and doesn’t taste burnt or watered down, like when you purchase from chain shop. You’ll also be able to engage with the people in your community. Living in a world where we all connect through a phone, we still appreciate a face to face interaction.

2. Artisan Craft Coffee

Society Coffee is located in a place where you least expect it… Yes, that’s right, we are located inside a Gas Station. One of the main things we wanted to do with Society is serve craft coffee to anyone and everyone. When we all sat down to brainstorm how to do this we thought a gas station would be the best place. All kinds of people are constantly coming in and out of gas stations. The best part is that people aren’t intimidated to enter a gas station like some people are when entering a local coffee shop.

3. On The Go

One of the perks of us being inside a gas station is that your order is on the go. You don’t have to feel the need to stop. We do have some available seating for those of you that do enjoy taking your time at a coffee shop. But, we want to keep the concept of you being able to go in and out without feeling guilty of having to stay.

Words, our website and our awesome Instagram page can only begin to tell the experience… Come experience us for yourself. See you soon!

Craft Coffee for All People in All Spaces